Seeing A Christmas Carol in 2021. Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco, CA

A Christmas Carol is a popular play with a message of hope for the future. This is an annual tradition for many families, and it is one of the most popular productions staged in the Bay Area. This year, it is playing at Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco until December 26th. Experience the beautyContinue reading “Seeing A Christmas Carol in 2021. Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco, CA”

Best Places to Listen to Live Music in Seattle in November

If you’re looking for a great place to go for live music, then Seattle is the place for you. The city has everything from jazz lounges to festivals. From the iconic Paramount Theatre, to the music-hall-turned-coffee-shop The Triple Door, Seattle is overflowing with amazing venues to enjoy live music. November is the month of Thanksgiving!Continue reading “Best Places to Listen to Live Music in Seattle in November”

Seattle Comedy Clubs: You Can’t Be Serious

Seattle is the perfect place to come to if you are looking for a new place to start your comedy journey. Although it may not be as big as cities like New York and LA, Seattle has a dedicated and talented lineup of comedians. There are so many of them who have been performing hereContinue reading “Seattle Comedy Clubs: You Can’t Be Serious”

Cal Performances. December 2021

The city of Berkeley, California is home to Cal Performances, a local hub and performance company that provides a variety of programming and events. For over 50 years, the organization has been a vital source of the arts, culture, and education for the Bay Area and beyond. Dedicated to presenting the finest variety of music,Continue reading “Cal Performances. December 2021”

Upcoming concerts in San Francisco, November 2021

The Bay Area is a great place to attend live music events and San Francisco has a lot of great venues to go to concerts. Looking for a destination to see your favorite bands play this week in San Francisco? Whether it’s a rock show, a hip-hop concert, or a jazz show, there’s something forContinue reading “Upcoming concerts in San Francisco, November 2021”

San Francisco Theatre, Music and Arts: November 2021

San Francisco is home to many up-and-coming culture events. This November, the city of San Francisco is filled with theatre and arts. First, head to the Orpheum Theatre for the “My Fair Lady” production and enjoy some of the most talented musicians and performers. Also, go to the Golden Gate Theatre to see the “JesusContinue reading “San Francisco Theatre, Music and Arts: November 2021”

Upcoming concerts in Seattle, November 2021

Seattle is one of the most exciting cities for concertgoers. What’s coming up for music lovers this November? The following list of concerts, listed by date, includes some of the biggest names in music as well as some new and emerging artists.  Concerts include many genres, from rock to rap to metal to classical music,Continue reading “Upcoming concerts in Seattle, November 2021”